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The Prophetic Proclamation in Warfare!



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It was great to be back home in Bangkok last Sunday and what a powerful time of experiencing liberty in different areas of our lives. There was such an anointing when we declared Jubilee and debt cancellation and we know that God is going to pour so much blessings into our lives that it will literally overflow! Yes, we are living in the season of the Overflow! Get ready to be a channel of all the wonderful and powerful things God is releasing in and through us.

We can continue to walk in this river of blessing by the powerful proclamation in the prophetic. The devil is ever ready to want to steal, kill and destroy! In fact, in many situations, he has already stolen, killed and destroyed. How do we counter what the enemy wants to do or had already done?

The key – releasing prophetic proclamation in warfare! The anointing of the Holy Spirit empowers us to release prophetic words that can tear down the work of the enemy and to establish the will of heaven on earth. In his very first apostolic work, Paul encountered a powerful magician, a false prophet who was trying to oppose him! But Paul was too powerful for him – he became blind for a season through the declaration of Paul resulting in the conversion of the governor of the city! God has ordained for us to walk in this anointing! Get ready to become the powerful generation God is raising up today. Amen!

Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Posted in Warfare on January 7, 2014.

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