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The Place of Warfare!



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Focusing on this series of sermon on warfare brought my attention to a fact about most Christians that is almost universally true. Fact is most Christians may profess their faith but in terms of a citizen of God’s kingdom against the kingdom of darkness, most are largely neutralized! Why is this so?

The answer is “Warfare”! Most Christians are not fully aware that they have been neutralized by the enemy! Many do not get themselves to the place where they can stand against the enemy and bring the kingdom of God into those dark places! The reason is simply they have strongholds and imaginations within their minds that had stopped them from moving forward.

That is why Paul highlighted in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 that the place of warfare is really within our minds. There are strongholds in our minds that must be uprooted and imaginations that must be cast down. The enemy has no power over minds except to sow thoughts from the kingdom of darkness into our minds. If we do not deal with them and believe those thoughts, they will eventually become strongholds.

The devil will also leverage on the power of imagination that God has given to us and if the thoughts of the enemy are used to fuel this power, it will lead eventually to destructive actions. How do we have victory in this place of warfare? This sermon will provide these vital answers to empower you to be victorious in your minds resulting in victories in your life!

Pastor Kang Seng

Posted in Warfare on January 7, 2014.

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