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Know Your God, Know yourself; A thousand battles, a thousand Victories!



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In the Old Testament, there are many detailed accounts of battles that the nation of Israel fought with their enemies. Why did God put them there? Paul wrote in the New Testament that the examples in the Bible – he was referring to the Old Testament as the New had not been fully written and compiled together were there as lessons for us.

In fact, there are many spiritual truths of warfare that can be gleaned from the physical battles that the nation of Israel had with their surrounding enemies that are extremely important for us today. Why? Paul said we are in spiritual battle – not with flesh and blood but with the powers and principalities. But there is not a lot written in the New Testament about spiritual warfare directly. But when we consider both the Old and New together, we are able to glean many powerful principles of warfare that are so crucial for us to receive our victory.

One of the most important principle is about Knowing God! Daniel the prophet prophesied for the End times that those who know their God will be strong and shall do great exploits (Daniel 11:32). What does it mean to know God in the context of spiritual warfare and receiving victory? Your eyes will be opened this week to know God in a way that will position with to be victorious like David. Amen.

Pastor Kang Seng

Posted in Warfare on January 7, 2014.

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