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Giants, Grasshoppers and Giant Killers!



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Along the road of life, there will always be giants blocking you from your God-ordained destiny! Satan may have sent them to stop you or delay you but God has a better plan! He wants to teach you, train you, prove you and promote you!

Giants make giant platforms for you! Giants are best used as giant steppingstones for you to move up higher in the Lord. But giants can also stop or stumble you! It depends on you, particularly your perspective! How do you see God and yourself? In other words, what are your convictions? How is your heart? Giants can be your blockers or your building blocks for your destiny!

If you see them from the eyes of a grasshopper, you will be eaten alive, trampled upon and done away with! Or you can see them through the eyes of a Giant Killer! Every giant can represent a giant step for you towards your destiny! Seize the moment, slay your giants and move closer to your destiny and receive your inheritance!

Pastor Kang Seng

Posted in Warfare on January 7, 2014.

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