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The Power of Waiting upon the Lord! Special Sunday with Pastor Nickolay



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This last few days, the Lord begin to speak to me about waiting upon Him! When you begin to read the psalms more carefully, you will realize that the psalmist David often put himself in the posture of waiting upon the Lord! In Ps 25 for example, he was expressing himself to the Lord when he was facing his enemies and what did he do? He exhorted himself to wait upon the Lord in his trust of Him and he will not be put to shame!

What does waiting upon the Lord really mean? Is it a passive posture doing nothing and expecting God to do everything? Not exactly! If we look closely at the Hebrew word translated wait, the word suggests to us a picture of a vine twirling around a structure. Without the structure, the vine could not grow to great heights because unlike a tree, there is not enough structural strength within the vine! But when you place a vine next to a very tall structure, the vine will twirl around the structure until it reached the full height of the structure.

This is a beautiful picture of what it means to wait upon the Lord! It is actively resting in the strength of the Lord(structure), twirling around it such that the two became intertwined and the strength of the structure becomes the strength of the vine. When we wait upon the Lord in such a way, we will be able to climb the spiritual mountains of our lives. The strength of the Lord becomes infused into us as we soar into the heavenlies.

This happened during our prophetic soaking time last Thursday. About 10 people indicated that they were taken up to heaven – while actively waiting upon the Lord in such a manner. Hallelujah!

Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Posted in Sunday Service on December 8, 2013.

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