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The Fullness of Sonship!



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We have begun the series on the Restoration of Sonship which is the present truth that the Holy Spirit is highlighting for the Body of Christ today.

1. The Restoration of Sonship

2. The Anchor of Sonship

3. The Balance of Sonship

4. The Compass of Sonship

5. The DNA of Sonship

6. The Expression of Sonship

Last week we focused on the Expression of Sonship which was to destroy the works of the devil. How can we destroy those evil works? Without the fullness of sonship, we cannot do it!

Jesus was led by the Spirit and went from the Jordan into the wilderness, to be tested by the enemy. But when he came back from the wilderness, Luke recorded for us that he did not come back the same! He went in fullness and he came back with the Power of the Spirit.

What happened during the 40 days that made such a difference to Jesus. In fact, we noticed that his

ministry began only after he came back with the power of the Holy Spirit! This is the key to fruitfulness! Many Christians may experience a baptism of the Holy Spirit but never continued walking in the fullness! Why? We leaked! Unless we are filled and refilled again and again, we will not maintain the fullness.

When you are full of the Holy Spirit, you will fully be led by the Holy Spirit! Like Jesus, you will be led to experience the refining fire that will burn away the dross of our lives such that we can experience a greater fullness. There will be tests that will come our way and when we passed them like Jesus did, get ready to walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit. This is where Greater works will be manifested through our lives lived in the fullness of Sonship. Amen.

Pastor Kang Seng

Posted in Sonship on January 8, 2014.

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