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The Compass of Sonship!



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Having spoken on the Anchor and the Balance of Sonship, we are moving to the third sermon in this Sonship series entitled ‘The Compass of Sonship!”

There is no doubt that the focus before the Second Coming of Jesus is a church that is powerful – walking in the fullness of Christ! How can this take place! How can we navigate the turbulent waters of these perilous times to become fully all that God had ordained us to be? What is the direction that we need to take in order to get us there? We need the Compass of Sonship!

To become spiritually mature sons and Fathers, we need to be properly related! We are not called to be solo Christians! Neither are we simply a number belonging to an instituition called the church! When we look at how the members of the Godhead relate with one another, we notice that at the core is the Father-Son relationship. This was clearly exemplified by Jesus the Son when He was ministering on earth 2000 years ago. Paul emulated this with Timothy and it will be powerfully important for us to learn how we can walk in this manner as we relate with one another in the Kingdom of God. In this sermon, we will also talk about the 4 levels of spiritual maturity that the apostle John wrote about and how we can grow through these levels. It will give you a roadmap to your destiny. Amen.

Pastor Kang Seng

Posted in Sonship on January 8, 2014.

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