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The Anchor of Sonship!



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A ship when at rest must be properly anchored. This is also true in the spiritual realm for those who want to walk in the fullness of Sonship. We are not called to a life of striving but a ministry that flows out of the abundance and fullness of God when we rest in Him.

What are the twin hooks of our spiritual anchor? These can be discerned from the life and key teachings of Jesus Christ. There were two occasions where the Father intervened with a sound from Heaven in the life of Jesus on earth? Why would our Father God do that? Affirmation! All of us need affirmation – from our parents, especially fathers, friends, teachers, coaches, pastors etc. We need affirmation in both our identity and also our destiny!

Jesus received both from His Father! He wants to affirm you in your identity and destiny too. How do we continue to rest in His affirmation? Jesus himself taught us the secret! John 15 recorded for us his teaching on the Vine and the branches. It was very clear picture! We can only be fruitful and fulfill our destiny when we abide in Him. Otherwise, we can do nothing and amount to nothing!

Listen carefully to this sermon as we learn to anchor our sonship! It will make a total difference to your life.

Pastor Kang Seng

Posted in Sonship on January 8, 2014.

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