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The Year of Transformation
Pastor’s Pen
May 1, 2016
The Messianic Jewish and the Gentile Church!

Rom 11:11 So I say, have they stumbled so as to fall [to spiritual ruin]? Certainly not! But by their transgression [their rejection of the Messiah] salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make Israel jealous [when they realize what they have forfeited]. 12 Now if Israel’s transgression means riches for the world [at large] and their failure means riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their fulfillment and reinstatement be! 13 But now I am speaking to you who are Gentiles. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, 14 in the hope of somehow making my fellow countrymen jealous [by stirring them up so that they will seek the truth] and perhaps save some of them. 15 For if their [present] rejection [of salvation] is for the reconciliation of the world [to God], what will their acceptance [of salvation] be but [nothing less than] life from the dead? 16 If the first portion [of dough offered as the first fruits] is holy, so is the whole batch; and if the root (Abraham, the patriarchs) is holy, so are the branches (the Israelites).

We are living in a time where what Paul was praying and hoping for is becoming more and more of a reality. This is especially so after the nation of Israel came back to their land in 1948 and more so when they took Jerusalem in 1967! There is an acceleration of Jewish people receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and a dramatic increase in Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel and around the world! What is happening? Romans 11 being fulfilled! And this is exciting!

Rom 11:11 is being fulfilled which means Israel’s fulfillment and reinstatement is happening now and this spells riches for the gentile church! This is good news for all of us. I believe we are receiving the riches of revelation and provision like never before in the history of the church! Which is why we are seeing such massive deception sweeping across the church which the enemy is using to rob the church of her blessing and inheritance.

Rom 11:15 went further than just blessings when Paul said that their acceptance of the gospel which result in life from the dead for the Church! What does this mean? Revival and Reformation! The Greatest reformation is taking place right now in the church and this will lead to amazing power and glory in the church accompanied by an unprecedented harvest of souls!

So this morning we are glad to have a Messianic Jewish leader to minister at Living Streams! May God continue to release His resurrection power and glory that we will walk in His sight! Amen.

Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Posted in Saturday Night Life on May 27, 2016.

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