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The Appointed Time for Breakthrough!



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One of the most important lesson we must learn when we want to follow God fully is that timing is as important as direction. In fact, timing sometimes is more important than direction. This is where Daniel excelled very well as a Prophetic Intercessor for Israel while he was exiled in Babylon! He knew when God is supposed to bring a breakthrough to His people based on his prophetic understanding of the word of God! This empowered him to intercede with fasting in a strategic and timely manner resulting in God’s deliverance for His people. This is a very important lesson for us. When we can align ourselves with God’s timing, we can then move in a strategic way which will result in us walking in His appointed timing of Breakthrough. Walk in your Breakthrough today! Amen.

Pastor Randy Nelson

Posted in Guest Speakers on January 7, 2014.

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