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When I was ministering in Singapore in 2008, I saw a vision of keys falling from heaven after I’d preached and the people were up in front having responded to the altar call. A prophetic leader was there and was reaching out grabbing the keys as she too saw the same vision(she told me later). But for a moment, doubt came in and she was wondering if she was imagining things. And when I declared, “keys are falling down from heaven”, that became a confirmation for her that what she was seeing was real! And she became fully convicted and committed to grabbing as many keys as possible.

The next day, she was led by the Lord to make about 20 keys to be given to specific people that she had in mind. But one lady called her whose name was not in the list and asked if this prophetic leader had something to give to her(being prompted by the Lord to do so). So this prophetic leader sensed it must have been God-ordained that this lady should receive it.

One week later, this prophetic leader received a phone call from Korea and the excited voice on the other end was saying what is happening, gold dust is falling on her bible in her business meeting. That key given to her literally opened the heavens for her and she had an amazingly fruitful time in the conduct of her business.

Her prophetic act of making and giving keys triggered something powerful in the supernatural realm. What is a prophetic act? In a sermon I had preached October 13, 2013, I define a prophetic act as A Prophetically Empowered Natural Act that releases Powerful moves and results in the Supernatural that will be manifested in the Natural!

God is ready to Reveal Keys that will unlock and unleash Heaven! Are you ready to receive them? I sensed from the Lord that during this camp conference, there will lots of revelation of these keys and we will be receiving them to unlock different gates that we might superimpose His will on earth as it is in Heaven. Get Ready for the Keys! You are entering a new portal of the Lord where God will download His dreams for you that you might fulfill your glorious destiny.

Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Posted in Guest Speakers on February 16, 2014.

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