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A New Season of Overflowing Blessing!



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We have entered into the season of the former and latter rain coming together which is bringing a tremendous blessing to the church. There is a great harvest that is here awaiting us to reap and the church will be filled to the overflowing. The KGLI is a great prophetic picture as the training room at Evergreen Place is overflowing with hungry leaders. We also have another 70-80 leaders being trained through the live and online broadcast.

Expect a fresh downpour of the New Wine of God’s revelation for the End Times. For us to contain this new wine, we have to renew our wineskins and create some new ones. There will be new ministry expressions in the Church in the coming months that our Father has orchestrated for us. We just need to align and receive them from our Him. There will also be great joy that is being released to us that we might be strengthened with all of His might to do great exploits with Him.

New oil of fresh anointing is flowing to us to empower us to trailblaze the new things and to press into our inheritance. Do not rely on the anointings of yesterday. Like a vehicle, we need an oil change to run our engines smoothly in this new exciting season of the Lord.

Ask Him with audacious faith and expect to receive bountifully. The best is upon us! Amen.

Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Posted in Guest Speakers on March 16, 2014.

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