Living Streams



Feel free to read what others have said during their experience after joining the Living Streams community

I dreamed twice before visiting the worship service at Living Streams. I sensed God’s presence during worship and decided to welcome Jesus into my life. – Walailuk Wanalai

I was burdened with debt. After receiving prayer from the LS ministry team; I received a call from a bank offering me a debt extension. Praise God! – Saithong Kesorn

I lost my purse with money and cards. But thank God that after I prayed, I got my purse back with all the cards although the cash was gone. – Saisamorn Amarapinon

I prayed for my job that will keeping Sunday free, enabling me to attend the worship service on Sunday, and my prayer was answered by God.– Vilasinee Kodpet

My debt was cancelled after I did the prophetic act of debt cancellation led by Pastor Kang Seng on 29 September 2013. – Vanida Panichpatana

My right arm was aching, from the shoulder down to the elbow; it was completely healed during the worship service. – Apiradee Krisdaruangsri

I had a cyst on my palm and after I commanded healing while watching the School of Prophets level 2, it disappeared. – Mareeya Sukawatee

I had been suffering from ear infection for a very long time and doctors were unable to cure it. After the prophetic prayer team prayed for me, I was healed. – Palita Pantsena

After water baptism, I decided to quit smoking and sought to honor God more.- Wittaya Ploochana

I am a rubber tapper. I work at night in a rubber plantation. While I was working, I caught a snake, thinking that it was rubber but I was not bitten. Praise God – Malai Choawapong