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    Man healed of Psoriasis

    Uncle Lek had psoriasis for more than 20 years, having claws on his hands and wounds and blisters all over his body. This forced him to stay indoors so that the netting would protect him from flies. After the team…

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    Healed of a migraine and blessed

    God healed her migraine and she received financial blessing after she gave 500 baht in offering to God. God blessed her richly as someone who owed her money whom she hadn’t seen for many years, repaid what he owed her….

  • Aunt Haeng

    Abundant provision

    Aunt Haeng had no plantation land to call her own. After a month of praying and waiting on the Lord, one of her relatives lent her a piece of land 40 rai in size. According to her faith, God provided…

  • 8.1

    Church Camp 2015

    About 500 participants attended this Camp Conference and nearly 700 people came for the Miracle Night on Sunday. Overall, it was an amazing conference where the people saw and experienced the glory of God and 100 people were saved through…

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    Virus infected tree cured and escapes death

    A 4-year old rambutan tree was dying. Its leaves were yellow and dry and an expert agriculturist said it was infected by a virus and there was nothing that could be done besides cutting it down otherwise the virus would…