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Living Streams

Church Camp 2015

About 500 participants attended this Camp Conference and nearly 700 people came for the Miracle Night on Sunday. Overall, it was an amazing conference where the people saw and experienced the glory of God and 100 people were saved through the City outreach and miracle night! All the objectives of the Camp conference were accomplished to the glory of God. They were:

1. Empowering campers/conferees with fresh revelation of God’s word with powerful impartation to advance the Kingdom of God.

2. Bringing the church family closer together through edifying interaction and exhortation times

3. Networking pastors and leaders from churches all over Thailand for partnership in the revival of Thailand and the reaping of the harvest here.

4. Impacting the city of Pattaya through prophetic/power evangelism and through the Miracle Night!

Through this camp conference, we can truly say the Kingdom of God was advanced significantly in Pattaya and the fires of Revival ignited in the hearts of the participants.

Pastor Taweesub Boonpong, the chairman of the pastors fellowship in Chaiyaphum expressed his thanks to God for this camp for he had witnessed the power and glory of God for the revival of Thailand. He told us that he will be sharing what had happened at the camp with his church and will even be bringing them to experience it in our daughter church in Thep Sathit, Chaiyaphum.

Many people were also healed during the camp conference, filled with the glory of the Holy Spirit and some even experienced oil coming out of their hands supernaturally.

The glory of God was just so overwhelming at the camp conference and we know this will only increase in our services and in the next conference with Revivalist Joshua Mills in July 30 – 31 and August 1.

More photos follow below.




Evangelism in Pattaya

Street Evangelism

Group baptisms in Pattaya



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